Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Facts You Need to Know About Hair Weft Extensions

Weft hair extensions are the most common method for adding length and volume to hair. They are applied by sewing them into a tightly-braided section of the person’s own, natural hair. Weft extensions require regular salon visits to ensure the extensions are in good condition. The weft extensions are woven into the hair and must be tight enough for perfect settlement. It is always a wise decision to invest in good quality extensions to ensure durability.

Wearing a hair weave will allow you to style your hair even if you are in a hurry. It is perfect for time-crunched mornings. Weft extensions, in particular, are almost like having natural hair. Weft extensions are typically braided close to the scalp and extension hair is added in ‘wefts.’ The process involves sewing the donor hair strands with a special triple-head sewing machine. The result is a strong, durable stitch near the root of the natural hair strand. The hair is then folded over and re-stitched to get the final result – a weft hair extension.

It is also possible to replicate this process by hand. The result is remarkably different. When wefted by hand, the final look will be much thinner strands. This method is typically employed for adding length but not volume. The hair strands also sit closer to the head. Another advantage of hand-wefted hair extensions is the lower stress and strain on your natural hair and scalp. It sits lightly and feels more comfortable than other options which add thickness and volume.

While both processes can be used for temporary hair extension, they are typically used for permanent solutions. The laborious process of hand-wefted hair extensions also makes it a significant financial investment, and not easily discarded.

You are not stuck with a weave forever. In case you dislike your look, or want to change to a different style, you can ask your stylist to do so. Weft hair extensions are easy to experiment with. You can change your length, hairstyle, or hair colour without damaging your existing hair or scalp.

The final look from weft hair extensions depends on the skill of the stylist. You must explore all available options and settle for the most experienced stylist to ensure the best look.