Friday, 28 August 2015

Find Different Types of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The hair experts or, the extension experts believe that using micro rings is a preferable option to the glues or any other method for getting hair extensions. So, it is the time we learnt more about the micro rings or the tiny rings that helps in attaching our extensions to the natural hair.

Types of micro rings:

If you go to an online store to purchase a micro ring, you will be bombarded with countless choice, either in style, material or the colours. We have micro rings that come with an aluminium outer surface, with silicone linings, exclusive silicone rings or just the standard aluminium ones. The best preferable one can be left to the professionals who are doing the extension and the hair type of the person going for it.

The aluminium rings, although may sound a little too much to take for our scalp, are lightweight and as comfortable as the silicone rings. They also come in various hues to suit your hair colour, just like the silicone lined rings.

The size of the micro rings can also vary with your hair type. People who have a heavier mane and thick hair, need a little bigger ring to clamp the extensions. For those with thinner and softer hair, only the tiniest of micro rings will work. Hence, there are micro rings of size, 4mm or lesser and 4.5 mm, to ensure every hair type gets the best hair extensions possible.

The micro rings are, thus, the best possible way to get your hair extensions done. They are damage free, can come off quickly and require much less maintenance. Hence, pick the perfect micro ring, to make your gorgeous hair extension to last longer.