Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Acquire the Heathy Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions

Nail tip extensions are an excellent way to style your hair, and get that long and shiny mane you always dreamed of, within a few hours. The nail tip extensions come with several advantages since it gives your hair a perfect natural finish and thus, makes the extension blend in effectively.

The nail tip extensions are so called, because, they are bonded at the tip with glue, making them look like tips of your finger nail. The best benefit of such a hair product is that your mane acquires the extra bounce and length, without having to wait for months, when it grows out naturally.

The tip hair extensions use keratin bonding, through which the product is wrapped up and bonded firmly to the tip of the hair, by the utilization of a special glue. The keratin finish gives your hair a free-flowing style and adheres to your natural hair firmly.

Since the extensions are bonded strongly, they require less maintenance. Also, the keratin glue can come off effectively, with a solvent. So, when your natural mane grows out of its extensions after a few months, they can be taken out by the use of solvents, and reapplied appropriately. Thus, tip hair extensions, with enough care, can be reused, making it a cost-effective product.  

So, if you are planning to go for a hair extension, try out the nail-tip ones to enjoy the shiny and beautiful mane you acquire in the process. Nail tip extensions are available in several shades and sizes. You can either opt for a 14-inch extension, an 18 inch one or acquire a long mane, with 22-inch extensions. Ensure that you buy the best hair extensions, to enjoy its enormous benefits, both aesthetically and economically.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Five Important Things to Look for When Buying Stick Tip Online

Hair extensions have become the order of the day. With the ever-changing and ever-evolving lifestyles and exposure to international fashion trends, every girl wants to go for instant hair extensions. There are many occasions where one does not have the time to wait, sit and spend long hours at the salon to style one’s hair. Opting for hair extensions is the smart thing to do in such cases. Moreover, having long, healthy and beautiful tresses always helps a girl to quickly accessorise and step out in style.

However, there are various aspects that a girl has to look for when it comes to hair styling such as protecting her natural hair texture and the natural hair glow which usually fades away with the use of harsh chemicals and processes. One has to be very careful while choosing the products. You must ensure that you get a very high-quality product while shopping online.

Five important things to look for while buying stick tip hair extensions online are:

The Right Product: While shopping online for stick tip hair extensions, it is important to see and check beforehand if the colour of the hair extensions goes with the natural hair colour. The hair extensions must weigh at least 0.5 g and be thick from the root to the tip. One requires 4 packs for half a head and 8 packs for a full head

After-care and Accessories: Choose the right type of shampoo and conditioner followed by brushes that are suitable for the new hair extensions

Tools and Accessories: There are a wide variety of accessories available online that can be used to either fit the extensions or take care of them. This would include micro rings, copper tubes, and hair brushes, pliers, sectioning clips and pulling needles

Good Quality Product and A Well-known Brand: It is important to keep in mind that the hair extensions brand one is ordering online must be a well-known name in the industry. They should be well suited for 100% human hair extensions. Going with a brand that does not have good reviews or does not offer quality products is a strict no-no

Provision for Refunds and Returns: Good after-sales service at competitive prices is extremely important while purchasing the hair extensions online. The price that one is paying for the product online must be competitive and any after-sales service required post-purchase should be taken care of by the concerned e-commerce site

With so many websites coming up with endless offers in the market, it becomes increasingly important that the customer is aware of what type of product she is purchasing. In case there is any discrepancy in what is shown and what is delivered, it is always best to return the product and opt for a more reputed e-commerce site.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Choosing Natural Looking Weave Hair Extensions in the Market

Weave hair extensions are among the popular types of extensions in the market. They are also known as wefts or sew-in hair extensions, and they are woven into your hair (which must be braided in cornrows from ear to ear). Weave hair extensions work best on strong hair that has enough texture to hold the braids.

It is important for the weave hair extensions to match the texture and colour of your real hair. Examine the quality of the weave. Avoid those with too much shine and make sure the strands do not feel dry because they will tangle easily. Shiny weaves are usually silicone coated; they tend to wear off fast, causing dulling and tangles.

The price of weave extensions will depend on the quality of the hair, thickness, and length. A reputable supplier of hair extensions in the UK sells weave extensions that are 18 inches long, which is a neutral length. Each weave should weigh about 120 grams, which is sufficient to achieve volume on a full head.

Think about the hairstyle that you want. Avoid synthetic hair weaves if you want to be able to curl and straighten your hair. Synthetic hair is not heat resistant and may get burnt and fragile when exposed to extremely high temperatures from a hair dryer, curling iron, or straightening iron. Get hair extensions that are of the same colour as your hair, and think about how long you want your weave to last.

Buy high-quality weave hair extensions from a reputable supplier. They are great investments if you want to provide the highest-quality and most natural looking weaves to your clients. Look for a vendor that has a return and exchange policy, so you can return the product if you are not completely satisfied with it or if you think you purchased the wrong colours.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Find Different Types of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The hair experts or, the extension experts believe that using micro rings is a preferable option to the glues or any other method for getting hair extensions. So, it is the time we learnt more about the micro rings or the tiny rings that helps in attaching our extensions to the natural hair.

Types of micro rings:

If you go to an online store to purchase a micro ring, you will be bombarded with countless choice, either in style, material or the colours. We have micro rings that come with an aluminium outer surface, with silicone linings, exclusive silicone rings or just the standard aluminium ones. The best preferable one can be left to the professionals who are doing the extension and the hair type of the person going for it.

The aluminium rings, although may sound a little too much to take for our scalp, are lightweight and as comfortable as the silicone rings. They also come in various hues to suit your hair colour, just like the silicone lined rings.

The size of the micro rings can also vary with your hair type. People who have a heavier mane and thick hair, need a little bigger ring to clamp the extensions. For those with thinner and softer hair, only the tiniest of micro rings will work. Hence, there are micro rings of size, 4mm or lesser and 4.5 mm, to ensure every hair type gets the best hair extensions possible.

The micro rings are, thus, the best possible way to get your hair extensions done. They are damage free, can come off quickly and require much less maintenance. Hence, pick the perfect micro ring, to make your gorgeous hair extension to last longer.