Monday, 1 February 2016

Natural Looking and Extremely Secure Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loops extensions are the most-used and well-accepted hair extensions because of the results they produce and also the damage-free and long-lasting effect.

The micro loop hair extensions involve the use of small loops, made out of silicone or metal. The loops or the rings are used to attach a stick tip extension to the base of your natural locks. The stick tip hair or the extension is gently inserted or pulled into the micro ring, with the natural hair already in place. The loop is then closed and fixed at the base. With a good micro loop, the extension, as well as your natural hair, will be firmly locked in place, thereby merging extensions with the original mane, perfectly. Moreover, when you want to remove the extension, all you are required to do, is to squeeze open the ring and take them out.

So, with the ease of application as well as removal, the micro-loop extensions are the best partners for hair extensions. The micro loops come in sizes from 4mm to 5mm and in various colours. The silicone rings, especially, come in different hues, ranging from black to brown to blond or red. The hair experts mostly have the extensions matched up with the rings and all ready for their customers.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the micro loops from any online stores that specialise in extensions and its accessories. You can find loops or even stick tip hair, with already matched micro loops for sale. Since virtual stores are well-known for their cost-effectiveness and variety, you can first try your hand at buying the loops or the extensions from them, before approaching the stylist.

So, the micro-loops are a perfect way to end up with a natural looking, bouncy and shiny mane that will look and feel fantastic. Just pick out the best micro loops in the market, to enjoy your hair extensions.