Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Five Important Things to Look for When Buying Stick Tip Online

Hair extensions have become the order of the day. With the ever-changing and ever-evolving lifestyles and exposure to international fashion trends, every girl wants to go for instant hair extensions. There are many occasions where one does not have the time to wait, sit and spend long hours at the salon to style one’s hair. Opting for hair extensions is the smart thing to do in such cases. Moreover, having long, healthy and beautiful tresses always helps a girl to quickly accessorise and step out in style.

However, there are various aspects that a girl has to look for when it comes to hair styling such as protecting her natural hair texture and the natural hair glow which usually fades away with the use of harsh chemicals and processes. One has to be very careful while choosing the products. You must ensure that you get a very high-quality product while shopping online.

Five important things to look for while buying stick tip hair extensions online are:

The Right Product: While shopping online for stick tip hair extensions, it is important to see and check beforehand if the colour of the hair extensions goes with the natural hair colour. The hair extensions must weigh at least 0.5 g and be thick from the root to the tip. One requires 4 packs for half a head and 8 packs for a full head

After-care and Accessories: Choose the right type of shampoo and conditioner followed by brushes that are suitable for the new hair extensions

Tools and Accessories: There are a wide variety of accessories available online that can be used to either fit the extensions or take care of them. This would include micro rings, copper tubes, and hair brushes, pliers, sectioning clips and pulling needles

Good Quality Product and A Well-known Brand: It is important to keep in mind that the hair extensions brand one is ordering online must be a well-known name in the industry. They should be well suited for 100% human hair extensions. Going with a brand that does not have good reviews or does not offer quality products is a strict no-no

Provision for Refunds and Returns: Good after-sales service at competitive prices is extremely important while purchasing the hair extensions online. The price that one is paying for the product online must be competitive and any after-sales service required post-purchase should be taken care of by the concerned e-commerce site

With so many websites coming up with endless offers in the market, it becomes increasingly important that the customer is aware of what type of product she is purchasing. In case there is any discrepancy in what is shown and what is delivered, it is always best to return the product and opt for a more reputed e-commerce site.

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