Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hair Weft Extension – Completely Change the Look!

Human hair weaves are available as long pieces of human hair weft extensions. They are an affordable hair extension alternative and give you lustrous and thick long locks at a price much less than what other hair extensions cost. They can be applied in several ways such as sew in, cold bonding, glue in, micro link in, clip in, etc. You can style it in any which way you desire as it is made from natural human hair. You can go for these hair weft extensions and transform your look and style completely without spending too much time sitting in a salon.

These long and shiny hair weft extensions are extremely versatile made with hundred percent Remy human hair and can be glued in, sewn in or clipped into one’s natural hair. One just needs to decide the look that one wants and accordingly opt for these instant hair weft extensions. These can be easily styled to suit one’s mood and the occasion for which one wants to style one’s hair. These beautiful hair extensions are simply soft and smooth and the hair can easily be straightened, curled and styled to match the exact look that one has in mind.

Wefts are strands of hair that are woven into long, cloth bands. These bands can be then attached to one’s natural locks and applied to the hair strands with a special type of latex glue made especially for hair extensions. These hair weft extensions lend volume and graceful length to one’s hair and help one look stunning and ready to show off one’s gorgeous tresses anytime and anywhere.

The standard sew-in technique has worked successfully for years and does not require the hair to be braided. It lays flat on the head which gives a more natural look allowing a healthier scalp that can lead to hair growth in a naturally healthy way. Weft hair just needs to be maintained by a hair specialist every four to six weeks to ensure that the crowning glory does not fade away due to negligence or use. Many hair studios and hair specialists use various installation techniques and also provide the customers with the option of choosing the hair colour, length and texture according to their personal style and choice. One can style and treat one’s hair in whatever way one likes. However, good quality heat protection styling products are recommended as they help extend the hair life considerably.

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