Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Creative Hair Weft Extensions – Different Ways to Complete the Look!

Hair plays a big role in defining a look, and so any dramatic change in hair – new haircut, style, colour or length – plays a huge role in a complete makeover.

A hair cut sounds pretty nice but growing out short hair into a voluminous Rapunzel-like mane overnight is more dramatic and even fulfilling. This may sound crazy but it is possible to do so with hair extensions. Hair extensions can add volume, length and shine to your hair and so opting for them is one of the best ways to change your look.

Some of the important things to consider for this are the kinds of hair extensions available in the market, the price of the procedure and the amount of maintenance required.

There are many types of hair extensions. Some of these are:
1.Individual Strand extensions (Pre bonded, U tip, etc.)
2.Clip-on extensions
3.Weft extensions

Strand by Strand extensions are glued to the hair separately. This is a lengthy procedure and some of these techniques involve heat which can be damaging to the hair. Clip on extensions are very easy to use but they need to be clipped in and out every single day making this a lengthy process. One of the most cost-effective and popular solutions is getting creative weft hair extensions.

Individual hair strands are woven tightly at the top and left loose at the bottom in any of the three ways mentioned above and then glued, weaved or braided into the hair.

Weft hair extensions come in varied forms:
1.Machine Weft Hair Extensions
2.Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions
3.Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Machine weft hair extensions are sewn on a special sewing machine creating a string weft which is sewn twice to create a sturdy piece. These are strong pieces and do not shed easily. Machine weaved hair is the most affordable form of all three types of weft hair extensions!

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are small hair wefts where hair is woven into a fishing line. These are slightly expensive being handmade and cannot be cut. They are created for specific lengths. The best way to apply hand-tied wefts is the sew-in method.

Skin weft hair extensions are created by embedding hair strands into a long polyurethane tape. This tape resembles skin so these wefts look very natural. Since the skin weft hair extensions are essentially glued onto the skin, they do not last more than one week.

No matter which type of weft hair extensions you decide on getting, go to a trained professional to avoid any damage to the natural hair.

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