Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Brief Guide About Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions UK

Micro Loop Hair Extensions are one of the most innovative forms of hair extensions as they can be used without the application of heat or glue. Micro Loop Ring Hair extensions are made from hundred percent natural and healthy human hairs that have micro rings already attached. They are added straight to the natural hair using the already attached loop technique that pulls the natural hair through the micro ring. One only needs pliers to close the micro ring.

These hair extensions are soft and smooth to the touch and can be styled in any which way a woman wants. They lie perfectly straight and seamlessly blend with your own natural hair giving you a salon type hairstyle and adding more length and volume to your natural hair.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions use a sturdy plastic loop at the top of each tip which loops over a strand of your hair and slides up, on release of the loop. The micro ring is then placed and clamped down for stability. No glue, heat or braiding is applied to fix the extensions in place. This makes micro loop human hair extensions one of the safest methods of applying real hair extensions for women across the UK.

These Micro Loop Hair Extensions are just ideal for someone looking for high-quality human hair extensions, without worrying about the damage they might do to one’s hair. The loops fasten in such a manner that they are almost invisible and stay comfortably close to the scalp allowing one to style her hair easily and add the required length and volume. These types of extensions use a tiny aluminium ring, lined with silicone and are available in hair colours similar to the colour of the natural hair strands. These rings gently hold the hair strands without the use of glue, heat or braiding to keep the extensions affixed.

These are hundred percent Remy human hair extensions and can be washed and heat styled easily. They are available in high-quality, tangle free range. A full head usually requires at least one hundred grams of human hair. If maintained properly, the life span of these human hair extensions can go up to three months.

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